Writer's Block Series: Battling With Your Blocks (Day 1)

Writer’s Block: A Series was thought-up with the writer in mind. Have you been stagnant and unable to move? Writer’s Block will give you two-week’s worth of resources to take you from idea to fruition.

So! You have an idea? Fantastic! I bet it’s amazing. I bet you’re excited. I bet…you got stuck dead in your tracks and now you don’t know how to move out of this self-constructed hole.

Creative blocks arise the moment you dream up your big idea. Writer’s block comes in many different forms, but as author Steven Pressfield outlines in his book Do The Work they are all Resistance.

Resistance is natural.

Resistance is universal.

Resistance can be defeated.

Here’s how….

Here’s a brief welcome video to let you know what we’ll be covering over the next 2 weeks:

It’s Day 1 of the Writer’s Block Series and we’re talking about Identifying and Battling with your Blocks. Head on over to my Instagram and check out IGTV for the full break down.