Creating A Website Will Take You Longer Than You Expect...Have Grace

I had a rough plan of my Wordpress website I wanted to create. I could get this done in less than a week. I thought.

I've managed Wordpress pages for years - setting one up will be easy. I thought.

I bought my domain (and three others like it) in early June. Good lord, why do I need all these Plugins?! And why can't I just add text in whatever spot I want?!

Nothing went as planned.

In short, when creating your business website allot yourself more time than you think you need in order to customize, get photos, edit photos and design the page the way you want.

Also, if you're not HTML-savvy, Squarespace is probably your best bet if you're willing to pay $12/month for convenience and less of a headache. I also tried Wix a few years ago, I also prefer Squarespace over Wix.

And while things go wrong (which they will) have Grace. All works out on divine timing.


Readers, would a Website Launch Checklist be useful for you? Please let me know in the comments!