Writer's Block Series: Battling Your Blocks II (Day 3)

Stuck? AGAIN?!

So you started burning the midnight oil.
The book, screenplay, article or essay was coming together.
You were deep in flow state and full of inspiration and enthusiasm!
Writer’s Block.
Just before the finish line?! 😖
What now?
Don’t walk away! You’re nearly there.

Here’s 5 principles that will help you get back on track.

Writer's Block Series: Creating Your Writing Practice (Day 2)

Now that we got out of our own way it’s time to implement tools in order to get pen-to-paper.

Check out my IGTV episode to get all the goods.

But quite honestly, skip that entire 4 minutes and 53 seconds and just take this one piece of advice: JUST START THE DAMN THING!

5 Writers Share The Common Traps Of Aspiring Authors

5 Writers Share The Common Traps Of Aspiring Authors

Renowned authors and poets share the common traps of aspiring authors (and how to avoid them).

Calling On My Ancestors

Reflection after reading Maya Angelou's Letter To My Daughter

Tears poured as I felt the presence of Maya's support, 

or the support of women like her.

All my ancestors who wished, sacrifices and prayed me into this moment...

"Help Me. 

Help me, please.

Help me use my power.

Help me illuminate the path for others."

My once wet tears hardened,

tightening my skin.

"Maybe I am great," I thought to myself.