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Book Marketing For Beginners

Don't know where to start? This checklist will get you started.

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Resource Hub for authors

Bonnie Baguley really has something amazing here. This is almost a one-stop shop for writers at every stage. I love this site & the Instagram account.

Ultimate Software for Writers

Scrivener has everything a writer could need in order to write, organize, edit and compose their work. It's available for Windows and iOS and it will run you about $45.


Need A Logo For Your Business?

As low as $20.


Want Your online Images to Stand Out?

This is my favorite resource and it's totally free for basic services.

You can upgrade your subscription to get personalized branded templates for just $8/month. Small-to-midsize business? It's just $20/month for your team!

How Do I Monetize Instagram?

Want a 1.5 hour beginner's course on how to monetize your Instagram account? Check out Lewis Howes' free webinar.